Change is Chance: Think Big. Act Bold. Get the Results you want.

Keynote Speaker Germany If you book Ilja Grzeskowitz as the Keynote Speaker for your next event, you can be sure: With his presentations he will inspire, influence and educate your audience. As a bestselling author of eight books, he combines strong content with humorous entertainment. But it is his passion for the topic of change that makes him such an authentic Keynote Speaker. You will meet an expert who combines his experience as a manager in retail with his knowledge from university and being a trendscout who constantly travels the world to explore future developments.

Motivation 4.0: Change for success

Ilja Grzeskowitz teaches inspiring principles, which work for anyone in any business. With his unique presentation style, he will make you think. He will make you laugh. But most of all, he will make you take action. His change programs are full of challenging ideas, inspiring storytelling and motivating real life examples that can easily be used to change actively and turn problems into opportunities.

Makes you think, laugh and take action

For your next event, bring in Ilja Grzeskowitz, who will make your audience laugh, think and take action. Your people receive a keynote, which is full of inspiring stories,  unique ideas and motivational messages. He will move you with his personality, his content and his delivery style, that fascinates audiences all over the world. For more infos, please click on the accordion below.

  • The Attitude of Change

    Change is Chance. But is your team constantly working on developing new ideas, because everybody knows that changing actively is a big opportunity to get better? Or do you have people in your organization, who say: “Why change? That´s the way, we have always done things.” In this powerful and inspiring keynote speech, you will discover, how to use the 4 C´s of change, how to develop the necessary attitude and finally, how to master change when change is hard.

    Ilja believes that organizations only change, when the people change. And he believes, that change only works a team. With his 4 C´s of change, you will receive a powerful formula for better results in business and in life. If you really want to master change, you need to make four choices: Chose your focis. Choose to take a chance. Choose your Vision. And chose to take action

    Content and Audience Take Aways

    • The Mindset of successful Change
    • Business as usual is over: The pace of the changes around us is increasing rapidly
    • We can´t choose what happens around us. But we always have a choice how we deal with
    • How to lead your people to leave their comfort zone and take the first step into change
    • Conquer doubt and raise the motivation of your team
    • The change formula: The 4 choices of change
    • 1st Choice of Change: Choose your focus
    • 2nd Choice of Change: Choose to take a chance
    • 3rd Choice of Change: Choose your vision
    • 4th Choice of Change: Choose to take action
    • The 7 Second Principle for transforming your ideas into sales, service and results

    If you use the 4 Choices of Change on a daily basis, you will be able to deal with the changing world around us. You will build an attitude, which lets you adapt your business strategies to the upcoming challenges, gets you clarity for your role as a leader and lets you create a culture, that makes sure that every employee is motivated and your customers love to buy from you.

    Spiced up with a lot of inspiring and touching stories from his own challenges as a former top manager in retail, this motivating keynote speech gets to the heart of change: It´s about attitude, focus and taking action. Ilja will not only make you think and laugh, but he will show you the four steps, you need to take, if you want to achieve lasting results and a highly motivated team.

  • Think it. Do it. Change it.

    How to Dream Big, Act Bold and get the Results you want

    We live in tough times and it seems that nobody is happy with the circumstances in society, at work or at home. But instead of taking action, everybody is complaining, whining and waiting for somebody else to do something about it. Instead of changing ourselves, we hope that others will take responsibility. Instead of actively living our dreams, we are waiting for the perfect moment. But unfortunately, that moment will never come.

    Ilja Grzeskowitz has declared war to this passive wait and see approach. Think it. Do it. Change it. This is the memorable mantra of the change expert, who shows you his step-by-step approach how to think big, act bold and get the results you want. You will find out how you can create a culture of change that is based on openness, innovation and the courage to try out new ways.

    Get your company ready for the challenges of the future. If you know how to deal with the changes around us, you will have the biggest competitive advantage you can think of. Implement the change dna in your organization and actively start to think, act and change.

  • Let´s talk about Change, Baby! Why we have to change today, to still be successful in the future

    Ilja invites you: Let´s talk about change. Because in times of constant change, there is on thing, that you can be sure of: Only doing today, what you did yesterday is no longer enough.You have to make the necessary changes today, to still be successful in the future. But why do so many people struggle with change and do not get the results they want?

    In this entertaining keynote, Ilja Grzeskowitz reveals how to use the huge opportunities lying in every change. You will learn, why the world needs more battery changers, what an actress from Hamburg can teach you about motivation and why New York sometimes is just around the corner. With humorous stories, memorable Examples and inspiring aha-effects, Ilja will teach you, how you can deal with the small and big changes of everyday life.

    But there is more. You will learn, which two words have the potential to change you life, why collecting underpants is the biggest enemy of thinking differently and why the seven second rule can be your most valuable tool, when it comes to lasting results. In short: You will learn. You will laugh. And after this keynote you will be highly motivated to take massive action.

Ilja Grzeskowitz was the Keynote Speaker for our BMW Financial Services Partner Event and we were very pleased with our choice. Working with him was extremely professional und pleasant. Not only is he a true change expert, but he also customized his speech to specific challenges of our industry. With his fascinating and humorous presentation, Mr. Grzeskowitz has definitely moved and inspired our guests. Dear Ilja, may we say thank you very much, once again. We wish you all the best and are very happy with our choice.
Roger Muhr & Martina Merki
Marketing Director / BMW Financial Services Schweiz
It was a lot of fun working with Mr. Grzeskowitz. Thank you very much for the inspiring and outstanding Keynote Speech. Grzeskowitz has inspired us with his charming and very likeable personality. With real life storytelling, heart and humor, he showed us how to be able to deal with change. A great speaker who we are very pleased to recommend.
Sonia Wedell-Castellano
Sales Director / Deutsche Messe AG
You know what change is all about, when you listen to the real life experiences of this great keynote speaker. To hear Ilja Grzeskowitz speak energizes and inspires.
Dr. Heike Schiffler
CMO / Tetra Pak GmbH & Co KG
Changes start in the head. For ninety very inspiring minutes, Ilja Grzeskowitz has shown us, how to create the necessary mindset.
Theodor Micklinghoff
Sales Director B2B / Telekom Deutschland GmbH
Your Presentation was great stuff!
Jacek Dudkiewicz
International Business Development / Rhenus Logistics AG und Co. KG
Dear Ilja, Thank you so much for you energetic, inspiring and fascinating keynote at our sales conference in Bangkok. All of our co-workers are still talking about TNT and #OhYeah! We are very happy, how much you motivated every single one of us.
Alexander Lapp
Manager Strategy & Processes Asia Pacific / Lapp Holding
Here is our Feedback: The presentation was: 1) Very valuable: Everyone learned something new. 2) Specific: Customized to our current situation. 3) Important: It was really great that you had an external view on our challenges. 4) Worldclass: Your Keynote Speech was awesome.
Reinhard Kleber
Regional Manager Bavaria / Hypovereinsbank / Unicredit
Ilja Grzeskowitz has implemented the Change-DNA into the audience. Our 400 Guest were very much inspired by his outstanding Keynote Speech. The combination of strong content and his entertaining presentation style was the reason, that every single guest had the desire to change and could take away specific ideas for his daily business.
Dr. Jürgen Wigger
CEO / BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG
Change – it´s the attitude that decides if we succeed or not. Thank you so much for your great presentation!
Bernd Eckl
Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Communications / Getrag International GmbH

Why should you hire Ilja?

  • A speaker who walks his talk
  • Raise the motivation for change
  • Principles, that work for every industry
  • Emotional Storytelling
  • Unique combination of content and entertainment
  • Inspired and happy audiences
  • Detailed customization
  • Everything is focused on you and your needs
  • He always goes the extra mile for you

Possible Formats

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Change Programs
  • Motivational Events
  • Leadership Meetings
  • Customer Meetings
  • Employee Meeting
  • Road Shows
  • Sales Meetings
  • Association Conferences
  • Moderation

Ilja as your Speaker

  • Inspires
  • Moves you
  • Tells motivating stories
  • Lives change with every fibre 
  • Walks his talk 
  • Challenges you to think different
  • Presents solutions
  • Asks strong questions
  • Motivates you
  • Focuses on his audience and on you
  • Makes you take action





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