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Germany´s Change Expert #1. That´s the way, Ilja Grzeskowitz, CSP (spoken GRAESCH -KO -WITZ) was introduced on American C-Suite TV. He is an award winning Keynote Speaker and bestselling author of seven books, who has given presentations in eleven countries on three continents. The change management expert inspires, influences and motivates leaders, entrepreneurs and employees to combine innovative thinking with taking massive action. Some of his clients include Audi, BMW, Lufthansa, Nespresso, Telekom and Zalando. In 2016 he received the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association. A great honor, because only 7% of all speakers worldwide are allowed to carry that title.

The featured author of the C-Suite Book Club studied economics and marketing in Greifswald, Mannheim and Hamburg and held guest lecturing positions at the Berlin School of Law and Economics and the SRH University in Berlin. Before he founded his own company in the year 2009, he was the youngest store manager in Germany´s largest retail corporation and was in charge of ten department stores all over the country for Karstadt, Hertie, Wertheim and IKEA.

Today he helps organizations all over the world to create a culture of change. It’s no wonder, because this topic has always been the central theme of his life. At the peak of his corporate career, he was regularly fighting at difficult locations, and, together with his teams, he had to find ways to achieve excellent results even under tough circumstances. The experiences he had at that time are a vital part of his speeches, workshops and consultings today. In his programs, he teaches his audiences how to recognize and use the huge opportunities lying in every change.

A Look into the Dictionary: Ilja Grzeskowitz (spoken Graesch- ko -witz)

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1) Keynote Speaker on the topic of change 2) Author of 8 books 3) Changemaker: Special combination of big ideas and taking action 4) Unique brand with a strong personality 5) Germany´s #1 Change Expert (C-Suite TV) 6) Intensive experience in retail: Former store manager for Karstadt, Hertie, Wertheim und IKEA 7) CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) 8) Awarded with “Audience award for extraordinary speaking skills” and the speaker awards “Best Media 2013”, “Best Performer 2014” and „Best Brand 2016“ 9) Likes golf, traveling around the world und dining out 10) Loves his family 11) Questions the status quo since 1975

Values, Facts & Personal Insights

To create a culture of change in companies and organizations, you need to have strong values, big ideas and a compelling vision. These factors are the building blocks for your strategy, your communication and your actions. To give you some insights, here are the building blocks of Iljas work.  Because even if content, quality and expertise are still very important factors, it always comes down to culture, values and our attitude, when we make the decision with whom we chose to work with. Wouldn´t you agree?

    • 1975: Born in Hansestadt Lübeck, Germany
    • 1994: Abitur at Carl-Jacob-Burkhardt Gymnasium zu Lübeck
    • 1994: Civil Service at Universitätsklinikum Lübeck: Work at a integrative facility: Taking care of disabled, handicapped and slow learning children
    • 1995 – 2001: Studies of economics at the Universities of Greifswald, Mannheim and Hamburg. Main courses: Marketing, Economic education und organizational theory. Certificate: Diplom Kaufmann
    • 1995 – 2001: Lots of part time jobs, e.g.: Translator for American and Nigerian Companies, Barkeeper, Business Plan Writer, Start-Up-Consultant, Business Development Manager 
    • 2002 – 2008: Store Manager at Karstadt, Hertie und Wertheim: Responsibility for a total of ten department stores in Lübeck, 2 x Hamburg, Kassel, Mönchengladbach, Frankfurt/Oder and 5x Berlin
    • 2008 – 2009: Storemanager IKEA in Hamburg
    • 2009: Formation of his own company 
    • Since 2009: Keynote Speaker, Change expert and author of eight books
  • Responsibility. Humor. Family. Freedom. Gratitude. Courage. Integrity. Clarity. Decidedness. Generosity. 

  • Dishonesty. Cowardice. Selfishness. Cynicism. Lack of Humor. Negativity. Violence. Hate. Dogmatism. Vagueness.


  • I believe, that a culture of change beats every sophisticated strategy by far.

    I believe, that you are responsible for your results. For the good ones, as well as for the bad ones.

    I believe, that there´s an opportunity hidden in every problem.

    I believe, that motivation should be based on meaning and values.

    I believe, that there is a fire burning inside of every human being that is waiting to be ignited.

    I believe, that everything changes when you change yourself .

    I believe, that innovative thinking, hard word and commitment are the building blocks for success.

    I believe in simple solutions and not in complicated problems.

    I believe in clarity, integrity and the skill to make decisions.

    I believe in results and not in announcements.

    I believe, that the ability to deal with change will be the key skill of the future.


  • Ilja Grzeskowitz is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Established in 1980, the CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Little more than 7 percent of the speakers worldwide hold this professional designation. The CSP designation is conferred by NSA on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. CSPs must document a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise, as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service, and ethical behavior.  

    Achieving the CSP is no easy task. To earn the designation, professional speakers must show documented proficiency over a minimum of five years with positive evaluations from clients and be affirmed by a peer-to-peer review process. When meeting professionals hire a Certified Speaking Professional, they can be assured the speaker brings to the table a high level of competence, a top-notch speaking ability and a track record of professionalism and success.

    But the best awards come from the people, which a presentation is all about: The audience members. Ilja Grzeskowitz is very proud, that he was awarded with the „Audience Award for outstanding Speaker Performance“ at a Entrepreneur Conference in August 2013 in Berlin. In December 2013, he received the 5 Star Speaker Award in the category „Best Media“ and in 2014 in the category „Best Performer“.

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  • Download Iljas Speakerprofile as a PDF

Keynote Speaker

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Change Expert

Change Experte

Bestselling Author

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Ilja likes…

  • His family
  • Playing Golf
  • Black Coffee (much and often)
  • Fritz Cola without sugar
  • Single-Malt Whisky
  • HSV (Football Club)
  • Summer in Berlin
  • Traveling the USA
  • The humor of Loriot
  • Nice watches & Cigars
  • The pace of New York und the chill attitude of Los Angeles
  • Dining at Grill Royal in Berlin
  • The books of Ayn Rand und Thomas Mann
  • People who never give up

Ilja does not like…

  • Status Quo Managers
  • People without an opinion
  • Convenience Food
  • Political Correctness
  • The cold winters in Berlin
  • Arrogance
  • Coffee with milk
  • Having no sense of humor
  • Focusing on problems
  • Watching TV all day
  • Saying one thing and doing something else
  • Whining & Complaining
  • Warm beer
  • Talking instead of taking action
  • Quitting too early

Iljas Experience

  • Civil Service: Taking care of disabled children
  • Interpreter, Barkeeper, Businessplan-Writer
  • University degree in economics and marketing
  • Storemanager for Karstadt und Wertheim
  • Project Leader „Outlet Center“ for Hertie
  • Store Manager IKEA
  • Guest Lecture Positions at HWR Berlin and SRH Hochschule Berlin
  • Author of seven books
  • Keynote Speaker, Change Consultant and motivational Trainer

Ilja in numbers…

  • 41 years old
  • 190 centimeter tall
  • 1 wonderful woman
  • 2 beautiful daughters
  • 1 House built
  • 4 Trees planted
  • 6 books written
  • 1 big passion: Change
  • 1 Goal: Turning Problems into Opportunities
  • 1 Standard: Raising the motivation for change
  • 1 Message: Think.Do.Change
  • 1 Mission:Inspiring people to use the power of change to become the best version of themselves






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