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Because satisfied clients are the best marketing you can get

It´s not easy to find the right keynote speaker for you next event. Of course, he has to be brilliant on stage. But he also needs to have expertise, to be able to wow the audience and to tailor his speech exactly for your needs. And who could judge all these points better than the people, who have actually seen the speaker live?

An old marketing quote goes something like this: „Happy customers are the best advertising you can get.“ And it hits the nail on the head. On this page, you´ll find testimonials, statements of happy customers and clients who hired Ilja Grzeskowitz as a keynote speaker or change consultant for company meetings, association conferences or change programs.



Ilja´s keynote speech was outstanding and everybody felt inspired and valued the authenticity. We especially loved the fact, that Ilja customized his speech with all our wished from the pre-event briefing, and even used some of the content other speakers of the day were talking about. To sum it up: It was a brilliant speech and we already asked him to come back for another one.
Martin Skoda
Head Medical Science Liaison / Biogen
We were all delighted with Ilja – his keynote address/speech was ‘on point’ and exactly what we were looking for. His ‘change message’ was easy to understand for our multi-cultural audience, delivered with good humour and self-deprecation – the attendees loved it! We particularly also appreciated that he took time afterwards and made a real effort to connect with our delegates during breaks and meals for the rest of the day. From first contact, he was easy to work with and his preparation was immaculate, he worked seamlessly with our conference production company and was generally very easy to get along with – a very likeable individual with a good, positive and constructive message. Just what we’d been looking for!
Karim Rached
Project Director, Europe Finance / Marriott Hotels International
“Thanks, Ilja, for sharing your passion for change as a chance to go beyond our self-created limitations. You touched and encouraged our SWISS audience with your witty life and business anecdotes. Audience reviews stated it was the best event of this kind ever!”
Elisabeth Tanke Sugimoto
Senior Manager Culture, Change & Talent Management / SWISS International Air Lines Ltd.
A big thank you to Ilja Grzeskowitz. He kicked of the second day of our annual management conference with his keynote speech, and the feedback was great. He was easy to work with and brought a lot of value for every participant.
Nicole Lichius
Head of Communication/CSR / Pernod Ricard
Ilja added lots of value to our conference and he nailed it with his closing keynote speech. He was the perfect choice as a speaker. Because of his content, but even more for his personality.
Katja Dietrich
Event Marketing Manager / Cancom GmbH
Our audience loved you. Thank you very much for your outstanding keynote speech and the amazing show!!!
Sabine Konradi
Segment Marketing Manager / HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH
Dear Ilja, THANK YOU for your inspiring keynote speech. This was by far the best keynote. We were truly inspired and energized. OhYEAH! Again, big thanks, it was awesome!
Salwa Abboud
HR Manager/HRBP EMEA FTAP / PALL Corporation
Ilja Grzeskowitz stands for the new generation of top speakers. Friendly, competent and very easy to work with. He inspires his audience with his unique style and expertise. He walks his talk and is able to focus on the needs of his customer. Listening to him transforms the fear of change into a wanting desire to chase for the huge opportunities out there.
Martin Kleindl
Head of C-Suite Office / Sparkasse Ingolstadt
Ilja showed us, how to use the power of change to get the results we want. Practical, understandable and with a lot of humor. It is his unique style and his way of transporting his message, that makes his speeches so valuable. Highly recommended.
Franz-Josef Scherl
CEO Telekom Bavaria / Telekom Deutschland GmbH
Ilja rocked our team right after lunch, on the hottest day of the year. Making change happen, that was the theme of his talk in front of our 250 leaders, and he inspired them all with his insightful speech about the 4 C´s of change. A very valuable preparation for the upcoming challenges of the future, and he even provided the necessary tools to master them. Awesome!
Klaus Ullmann
Head of Sales / Raiffeisenbank Oberösterreich AG
Amazing speech, we are very happy! Iljas keynote was inspiring, customized to our needs and with a strong message. Our whole team is in #OhYeah mode. Thank you Ilja for the experience!
Christine Heimes
Manager Global Service and Parts Operations / Daimler AG / Global Service Training
Ilja Grzeskowitz teaches change like no one else. How? So that you can´t wait to take action, because it´s fun. His speech was full of great content and highly emotional. Thank you, our team is ready.
Jürgen Herrmann
Director Marketing / Ritter Sport
It was simply amazing. Ilja didn´t just give a keynote speech, but managed to transport the message of change with simple and relevant examples. He highly customized his content, and everybody in the audience felt how easy dealing with change can be. He was highly entertaining and was able to "get" everyone in the room: Americans, Chinese and the Europeans. OhYeah, and thank you for a great rollercoaster ride!
Tanja Günther
Head of internal Consuting / Kelvion International
Thank you so much for your entertaining, inspiring and energizing keynote speech on January 19th 2018 at the Audi Forum. Not only did you amaze the audience in the room, but the co-workers in Austria and Switzerland as well, who watched you via video conference. Your message and your style of delivery were a perfect fit with our company culture.
Harm Van Tongeren
CEO Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Unilever Food Solutions
Dear Ilja, we´d like to say THANK YOU for your inspiring keynote speech and so many valuable impulses at our kick-off event. It was a great start into the new year!
Erich Aschenbrenner
Vice President / GeVaS Gesellschaft für Vermögensaufbau und Sicherung AG
It was a lot of fun working with Mr. Grzeskowitz. Thank you very much for the inspiring and outstanding Keynote Speech. Grzeskowitz has inspired us with his charming and very likeable personality. With real life storytelling, heart and humor, he showed us how to be able to deal with change. A great speaker who we are very pleased to recommend.
Sonia Wedell-Castellano
Sales Director / Deutsche Messe AG
Mr. Grzeskowitz won our sales team with his personal and down to the earth attitude. His speech inspired everybody to want to be a part of the change.
René Kruk
CEO / Festool Germany
Ilja Grzeskowitz has implemented the Change-DNA into the audience. Our 400 Guest were very much inspired by his outstanding Keynote Speech. The combination of strong content and his entertaining presentation style was the reason, that every single guest had the desire to change and could take away specific ideas for his daily business.
Dr. Jürgen Wigger
CEO / BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG
Change Management. Ilja nailed the topic on the head, inspired the team and inspired everyone with great style, humor and storytelling. Until next time...!
Rolf Plessing
Manager Service Engineering / Daimler AG
Ilja Grzeskowitz was the closing keynote speaker at our conference and we are very happy with our choice. The feedback was great and he made an impact on everyone!
Christin Kohnke
HR Director / Nespresso Deutschland GmbH
Great Speech, Ilja! It was an awesome presentation at our kick-off-event. Inspiring and motivating...the team is ready!
Dr. Ralf Dingeldein
CEO / Willenbrock|Linde Group
Ilja Grzeskowitz was the Keynote Speaker for our BMW Financial Services Partner Event and we were very pleased with our choice. Working with him was extremely professional und pleasant. Not only is he a true change expert, but he also customized his speech to specific challenges of our industry. With his fascinating and humorous presentation, Mr. Grzeskowitz has definitely moved and inspired our guests. Dear Ilja, may we say thank you very much, once again. We wish you all the best and are very happy with our choice.
Roger Muhr & Martina Merki
Marketing Director / BMW Financial Services Schweiz
Changes start in the head. For ninety very inspiring minutes, Ilja Grzeskowitz has shown us, how to create the necessary mindset.
Theodor Micklinghoff
Sales Director B2B / Telekom Deutschland GmbH
Great & inspiring Keynote Speech on change. Lots of ideas and examples, that will stay in our heads long after the conference is over. #OhYeah!
National Sales Manager / abbvie Deutschland GmbH
Mr. Grzeskowitz is a very professional, friendly and authentic speaker. With his unique style, he is able to get the attention of everyone right from the start. His content is deep and he speaks with a lot of expertise. Thank you for an outstanding speech!
Stephan Dayß
Exco Team / SV Sparkassenversicherung
Thank you so much for your passionate presentation on our Business Conference. You really rocked the event, the feedback on your keynote speech was very good. With you unique humor and a can-do-attitude, you fascinated the audience. Every single guest received valuable tools for the daily business.
Bettina Höner
Regional Manager Marketing / EK/servicegroup
Ilja Grzeskowitz is a true “Top Speaker”. He makes his audience take action: He changes, he motivates and he encourages to make a change. In this spirit: #OhYeah, Grzeskowitz!
Christian Wewezow
Managing Partner & Federal President Wirtschaftsjunioren 2014 / Clockwise Consulting
With his authentic and energetic keynote speech, Ilja Grzeskowitz has challenged our leaders to think different, make a change and use the new tools in the daily business: Leave their comfort zone, take a chance and be a role model. Oh Yeah!
Jürgen Roßberg
Financial President Hessen / Oberfinanzdirektion Hessen
Here is our Feedback: The presentation was: 1) Very valuable: Everyone learned something new. 2) Specific: Customized to our current situation. 3) Important: It was really great that you had an external view on our challenges. 4) Worldclass: Your Keynote Speech was awesome.
Reinhard Kleber
Regional Manager Bavaria / Hypovereinsbank / Unicredit
Change – it´s the attitude that decides if we succeed or not. Thank you so much for your great presentation!
Bernd Eckl
Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Communications / Getrag International GmbH
It was an awesome presentation at the Wirtschaftsjunioren Association meeting in January 2015. With lots of charme, Humor and his unique delivery stlye, Ilja Grzeskowitz had inspired the audience to think different and change actively. We are fascinated and full of motivation we shout out: “Oh Yeah!”
Daniel Senf
Federal President / Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland
Thank your for your excellent speech. The presentation and the content were great and it was never boring, but very entertaining. After turning back to turkey, the first thing i did was to show my team the notes i took during your keynote. Your ideas are very valuable in a market that changes rapidly.
A. Yekta Kölemenoglu
President / Neta Ltd., Istanbul Turkey
With his authentic and great Keynote Speech, Ilja Grzeskowitz made a difference at our sales conference: Make Change Happen. A big compliment and thank you very much.
Michael Papenberg
Sales Manager / Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung AG
Dear Ilja, Thank you so much for you energetic, inspiring and fascinating keynote at our sales conference in Bangkok. All of our co-workers are still talking about TNT and #OhYeah! We are very happy, how much you motivated every single one of us.
Alexander Lapp
Manager Strategy & Processes Asia Pacific / Lapp Holding
Thank you so much for your awesome change presentation at our international sales conference. Your Keynote Speech was powerful and humorous, so that the sixty minutes felt like ten. With your emotional storytelling and specific content you inspired us all and left your mark on us!
Kai Kowalewsky
Director Materials Management / BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH
The hotel industry is facing lots of changes. Therefore, the keynote speech from Ilja Grzeskowitz was the perfect ending of our conference. Every single attendee got lots of new ideas, specific tools and the courage to implement them as well.
Reinhard Peter
CEO / Top 250 Tagungshotels / re|pe|con
Authentic, inspiring, awesome. With humor and strong messages, Ilja Grzeskowitz has rocked the change program at our University. A worldclass keynote speaker.
Thomas Heinrich Musiolik
Brand Futurist | Lecturer / SRH Hochschule Berlin
There are people who talk. And there are people, who really have something to say. You, Mr. Grzeskowitz, definitely belong to the second category.
Dirk Hoffmann
CEO / LBS Saar
Your presentation was perfect for or conference. You gave the audience lot of valuable ideas and specific steps on how to implement them. Very usable for our partners.
Thomas Ritter
CEO / Ludwig Bertram GmbH/Russka
The presentation was the perfect fit for our current situation. It was full of deep content, yet very entertaining. You hit the nail on the head and inspired our partners to think different and take action. In short: Your speech was awesome!
Berthold Gassmann
CEO / Dagema eG
You know what change is all about, when you listen to the real life experiences of this great keynote speaker. To hear Ilja Grzeskowitz speak energizes and inspires.
Dr. Heike Schiffler
CMO / Tetra Pak GmbH & Co KG
With lots of charme, and in a cool and modern way, Ilja Grzeskowitz has managed to inspire our team to use the right attitude to master change. We are very happy!
Christian Repnik
CEO / SIP Personalservice GmbH, Graz Österreich
We were impressed with Mr. Grzeskowitz´s strong combination of commmunication skills, leadership paired with extensive business experience and the high level of personal energy, motivational outlook towards individuals and the group, as well as his positive attitude.
Dennis Jacobsen
Senior Manager / KF Andersen Leadership Academy
Making change happen is never easy. However, after following Mr. Grzeskowitz's change formula, it definitely became doable. It was worth traveling so far to hear his presentation. It's made a big impact on how I look at my situation.
Chris Popp
Director of Sales & Marketing / Diequa Corporation, Chicago, IL. USA
It was a pleasure to hear your enthusiastic speech about change management.
Edgar Hogervorst
Sales Manager / VarioDrive Aandrijf, Holland
Your presentation was extremely valuable. Your content helped me to be able to lead the changes in my organization and to manage my own motivation. Thank you.
Günther Probst
Managing Director / Schmachtl GmbH, Österreich
Your Presentation was great stuff!
Jacek Dudkiewicz
International Business Development / Rhenus Logistics AG und Co. KG
Change is the new normal! With his real life insights, Ilja Grzeskowitz has moved us. With lots of humor and the right words in a difficult situations, everyone got lots of takeaways for the daily tasks.
The whole Team
CRO / HSH Nordbank AG
The keynote speech from Ilja Grzeskowitz at our Business Meeting was really good. The feedback was above average.
Daniela Engel
Journalist / Konradin Mediengruppe
You´re presentation was awesome. I´m a great fan of yours.
Taric Karroum
HR Department / Procter & Gamble
Your presentation was full of great content and a unique delivery style.
Matthias Reinig
Director Communications / Takeda Pharma GmbH
Mr. Grzeskowitz, may I say thank you for the great presentation. It was the perfect fit for our meeting.
Siegfried Frühwirth
CEO / Gemba Austria

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