One on One Change Coaching Programs

Strategy Day – Personal Power Program – Mentoring 365

Okay, so you want to boost your business, live your dreams and kick-start your career? You want to work with Ilja Grzeskowitz in a one on 1one setting to make the necessary changes? Great, because it´s amazing what you can achieve, if you have an experienced coach as a sparring partner at your side. Because a good coaching session always leads to more clarity, a new structure in your own thoughts and a high quality of your results. But please only read further, if you are really determined, because the three most important success factors of every coaching are personal responsibility, commitment and the willingness to learn, to grow and to break your own limits. Are you ready to do exactly that?

Clarity. Innovative Ideas. Massive Action.

It doesn´t matter, what exactly you want to achieve. Together we´ll be working on the necessary ideas, concepts and strategies to make it happen. Through a professional look from the outside you will get clarity, many new impulses and therefore more customers. The focus of Iljas one on one coaching lies on the following topics:

  • Strategic development of your company: Clarity, new ideas, lasting success
  • Positioning for coaches, trainers, speakers and authors: Proven concepts, that really work. For more customers, more bookings and more money in your bank account.
  • Positioning and marketing for small businesses: Designed for companies up to 50 employees
  • Leadership Coaching: Effective communication and deep motivation.
  • Development of a compelling marketing strategy: Become the number 1 in the heads of your customers.
  • SPECIAL: Author coaching: The right idea for you book, finding the right publisher and promoting the finished book

Of course we know that humans are different. To give you the best possible support, we designed three individual coaching programs, which we are sure that you will love.

Our Coaching Programs

People and their needs are different. That´s the reason we developed our three coaching programs. The popular Strategy Say, the Personal Power Program and the most substantial program, the Mentoring 365. Whatever you need, whatever goals you want to achieve, we definitely have the right program for you. They all three have one thing in common: Ilja Grzeskowitz will be your personal coach and mentor. With all his expertise and know-how. He will challenge you, push you, pull you and encourage you. And if it´s necessary, he will gently kick your butt. Of course in a very nice way. You still want to go for it? Great! Here are all the details you need to know: Information, Content and Prices. Just click on the accordion.

  • The Strategy Day for more clarity, new ideas and specific results

    Strategy DayThe Strategy Day has been designed for your success. It doesn´t matter, what you want to achieve, together, we will push the necessary buttons. We´ll talk straight, work hard and spend and intensive day together. Everything with one single goal: Clarity for your business, a clear structure for your thoughts and of course results, results, results.

    Here is what you get with the Strategy Day

    • You order the Strategy Day through the contact form on this website
    • We´ll get in touch with you, schedule a specific date and provide you with some exercises
    • The Strategy Day takes place at our office in Berlin. Of course, Ilja can also visit you at your place
    • We spend the whole day together and work hard. Intensive. Open. And always results oriented.

    Your Value

    • A one day V.I.P. Coaching with Ilja Grzeskowitz
    • Support prior and after the Strategy Day through an unlimited number of E-Mails
    • Focus. Energy. Bold Ideas
    • Clarity, Courage and lots of Motivation
    • Fokus, Energie und kraftvolle Ideen
    • A clear analysis, strategies that work and tools you can use

    Your Investment

    2.400 Euro plus VAT (or 1.290 Euro for half a day)

  • The Ninety Days Personal Power Program

    Personal Power ProgramChanges never happen over night and need their time. It does not matter, what changes you want to make happen with this power coaching package you receive your individual support for three months: Strategy. Motivation. And regular feedback. Perfect, if you want to see results. More individual and personalized support does not exist.

    Here is what you get with the Personal Power Program

    • Ninety days of intensive and individual 1 on 1 coaching with Ilja Grzeskowitz
    • Strategy Day to discuss your goals. At our office in Berlin, at your place or via Skype.
    • Development of strategy, milestones and a specific action plan for the next ninety days
    • Weekly Telephone/Skype calls for feedback and development of the next steps
    • Unlimited number of emails for important questions
    • 25% discount on every booking of an open seminar from Ilja Grzeskowitz

    Your Investment

    One Time Payment: 4.900 Euro plus VAT

    Payment Plan: 3 Installments á 1.740 Euro plus VAT

    Important Information

    The Personal Power Program has been developed for leaders, entrepreneurs and people who really want to make a difference. Our shared experience will be intensive and you will have to work hard. But at the same time you will also see results. Are you ready to boost your sales, your marketing and your personal goals to the next level? Hire Ilja Grzeskowitz as your personal change coach for the next ninety days.

  • Mentoring 365: Everything you need in one package

    Mentoring 365It´s always amazing, what you can achieve in twelve months, if you make a real decision and have an experienced coach at your side. What could you achieve, if you would work on your dreams, goals and challenges together with Ilja Grzeskowitz as your personal mentor for a whole year? If you would get the much needed support with the planning, the execution and the so important commitment. Exactly this external help is it, that so often makes the difference. Knowing that, it does not surprise, that so many C-Suite executives, top managers and professional athletes rely on the support of a personal coach. Are you ready to commit on achieving success in business and in life for a whole year? Ilja Grzeskowitz would love to be your personal mentor on the journey.

    Content and Benefits of Mentoring 365

    • Ilja Grzeskowitz as your personal mentor for the next 365 days
    • One day kick-off in Berlin: Analysis and development of your individual program
    • Definition of strategy, milestones and action plan for the next twelve months
    • Quarterly: 1 on 1 coaching session for half a day
    • Two times a months: Telephone/Skype call for feedback and discussion of specific action steps
    • Full day session at the end of the program
    • Unlimited number of emails for important questions
    • One Ticket for attending the five days coaching seminar in Berlin
    • Book presents, exclusive tips and lots of further surprises during the year

    Your Investment

    One Time Payment: 9.990 Euro plus VAT

    Payment plan: 12 installments á 899 Euro plus VAT

    Important Information

    Mentoring 365 has been developed for leaders, entrepreneurs and people who really want to make a difference. Our shared experience will be intensive and you will have to work hard. But at the same time you will also see results. Are you ready to boost your sales, your marketing and your personal goals to the next level? Hire Ilja Grzeskowitz as your personal mentor for the next twelve months.






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